New Cover Art!

Hey folks!

Just thought I’d show off the new podcast cover art for The Witch-Doctor.

Much thanks to the Fallen Cycle crew for helping me out with it.

If you like the mortar and pestle design, check out other works created by the talented Amun Disalvatron on his Facebook page, Instagram or Etsy.

Special thanks to James Curcio for helping with the design. You can find his current work on Tales From When I Had A Face here, as well as his non-fiction here.

If you’re a fan of The Witch-Doctor,  you should also definitely buy his book “Party At The World’s End” not only because it’s a part of the Fallen Cycle, but because it is legitimately a great read.


Equanimous Rex is a writer,  podcaster, and esotericist. He currently writes non-fiction articles for Disinformation and Modern Mythology. Additionally, he is the creator of The Witch-Doctor serial fiction podcast, which is a part of the Fallen Cycle mythos. Equanimous enjoys wandering verdant forests, playing with dogs, and cascading ontological shock.

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