Witch-Doctor Rewrite Updates

While I have technically been working on the rewrite for The Witch-Doctor, most of it has been foundational. Outlining, plotting, character profiles. Reading books on writing and editing.

All the stuff I never got around to the first time through.

Keep in mind, I never knew where the podcast was going to go. What started out as a fun, inconsequential project ballooned into novel length territory. I realized that writing each episode days before it was set to be released was a tough way to work.

So, as fans know, I decided to put the podcast on hiatus to work on the rewrite. It still feels weird, to be honest. However, today is officially the first day in which I am working on the actual writing side of the rewrite. There are still parts of the story that need smoothing over, sanding down, but mostly it’s good to go.

My current aim is to have the new and totally original introduction episode up in the next month or so. It will be bonus length, shooting for somewhere between an hour and an hour-and-a-half.

The new introduction will act as a sort of peek into the world of The Witch-Doctor and Fallen Cycle. Something for folks to listen to while the rewritten episodes are being worked on.


At some point in the future, probably when the new content begins to be released, the older Witch-Doctor episodes will be considered ‘bonus first draft content’ and will not be available to the general public.

My decision to do so is based off of the desire to want folks new to the podcast to find the best, newest episodes first.

The older episodes will still be available behind a paywall as purchasable bonus content, for an extremely affordable price (to be announced).

The older episodes can be found here for now. 

The new episodes will be released for free.

That’s about all for now folks! Just wanted to keep you all updated.

Have a great day!

Equanimous Rex is a writer,  podcaster, and esotericist. He currently writes non-fiction articles for Disinformation and Modern Mythology. Additionally, he is the creator of The Witch-Doctor serial fiction podcast, which is a part of the Fallen Cycle mythos. Equanimous enjoys wandering verdant forests, playing with dogs, and cascading ontological shock.

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