“The Mushroom Cultist”

Just a little something I’ve been working on.

Somewhat inspired by my fiction work, including The Witch-Doctor. 

“The Mushroom Cultist” by Equanimous Rex

Out in the forest
Lives a soul
Subsumed by earth
No mortal goes
‘Cept to wander
Hopeless home
Out in the forest
Lives a soul
‘Neath the soil
‘Neath my soles
‘Neath my toils
Hearth and home
Never ending
Ever known
Out in the forest
Lives a soul


And because WordPress isn’t kind to landscape orientation of images:


Equanimous Rex is a writer,  podcaster, and esotericist. He currently writes non-fiction articles for Disinformation and Modern Mythology. Additionally, he is the creator of The Witch-Doctor serial fiction podcast, which is a part of the Fallen Cycle mythos. Equanimous enjoys wandering verdant forests, playing with dogs, and cascading ontological shock.

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