Tales From When I Had A Face Kickstarter Announcement

Coming September 1, 2021

The Desire To Know More Intensifies

“On Ayta’s seventh birthday, there came a knock on the door, and her namesake stood before her. Gran Ayta. Once a thing of myth, descended from legends. Now she seemed just a stooped old woman, but appearances can be deceiving.

Ayta’s lonely childhood was soon transformed by Gran’s fantastic stories of flight from one world to the next. From distant Siberia to the Second World, from there to the very Land of the Dead she had come, or so she claimed. And she had returned with secrets taken from that underworld, to teach her granddaughter.

Seven years later, her Gran would be dead. Ayta had to come to terms with the legacy she had passed on to her, bearing these myths in a world which has no need for what it sees as childish things. A childish world that she knew was soon to end.

Just when she thought she had finally left those tales in the past, she met Nyssa. A character straight out of Gran’s stories who was unknowingly bound by the same fate she was. Like all star-crossed lovers, their fate was written from the moment they crossed paths.”

A haunting, color-illustrated novel over seven years in the making, Tales From When I Had A Face takes visual inspiration from the collections of fairy tales familiar to many readers: full page images juxtapose the text, complemented by smaller inline art. Brief sequential passages reminiscent of a graphic novel add impact and immersion. In total it contains over 100 illustrations. 

The Fallen Cycle spans many lifetimes and mediums, following the cyclical awakening of consciousness, and its return to the land of the dead. You will find many entrance-points to this world: illustrated novels, comics, albums, and fiction podcasts all carry the stories of the Fallen. No matter how you enter, there is no escape.

Learn more at the Fallen Cycle website.

Equanimous Rex is a writer,  podcaster, and esotericist. He currently writes non-fiction articles for Disinformation and Modern Mythology. Additionally, he is the creator of The Witch-Doctor serial fiction podcast, which is a part of the Fallen Cycle mythos. Equanimous enjoys wandering verdant forests, playing with dogs, and cascading ontological shock.

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