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The Witch-Doctor is a witchpunk serial fiction podcast set in the Fallen Cycle mythos.

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About The Witch-Doctor

A Forgotten Past.

The collapse of the American Empire is long past. The lands are left spoiled, or fought over.  Nature itself has been poisoned, or altered in strange new forms by the biological warping of the last-bastion war. Former powers have disintegrated, and fractured into many and variously powerful nation-states.

The Domus is one such fractured nation-state, ruled by the theocratic Party of Devout Fellowship.

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A World Of Witch Hunts.

A new dark age of superstition has descended over the Domus and its outlying territories. Their dagger-men and witchfinders root out what they deem heresy, diabolism and witchcraft among the common people.

Their citizens, and others, are carted away on declarations of faithlessness, to work until death upon the fabled project known as “Jerusalem-in-the-south”. A purported means to manifest the Kingdom of God, built on the backs of the presumed guilty.

Dreams And Small Hopes.

Far away from the Domus and their southern strongholds, a little town survives, carved out from remnants of the past.

Nowell, a “resettlement” in the northern territories.


A border town caught between the feral northern forests of the Wilder and the shreds of civilization that remain to the south. Its inhabitants survive despite being largely forgotten, and having largely forgotten, the world beyond.

One night, children begin to go missing in Nowell.

A woman claiming to be a sheriff goes in search for them, a stranger and his book change everything, and nothing is as it seems.

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Episodes air once every two weeks.
Next episode is up 4/22/2019