Finally, A New Witch-Doc Episode (Updates)

The Short:
New episode of The Witch-Doctor, future episodes will also be available on YouTube and in text format, and the podcast now has a Patreon page.

The Long:

So, some exciting news.

As fans know, I put The Witch-Doctor on hiatus late 2017.

There were a variety of factors, but basically I knew I could do better.

I mean, I guess the thing is, when you spend upwards of ten hours a week on a half-hour serial fiction podcast, you pick a few things up, even if you’re dense like me.

And it can make you want to do better.

So, I’ve spent the last few months working on my writing, but honestly, that’s the boring part. Let’s get to the exciting bit.

The sneak-peek look at what the future holds for the podcast is now up.


The episode runs for about twenty minutes, and is only a part of the upcoming bonus length re-introduction episode, which will feature a ‘day in the life of Nowell”, set the day before the original story took place.

It has Fallen Cycle original music, it has mastering, it has a preternatural glamour cast over it to make it seem like the bees-knees.

What about all the older episodes? You might ask.

Well, the time has finally come.

Because the new episodes are going to be re-written and revamped versions of the older episodes (fleshed out, edited, altered plot-wise), I’ve decided to start fresh on the podcast feed.

This doesn’t mean the old episodes are going away entirely.

I mean hell, there’s over ten hours of the stuff. It’d be a shame to take them behind the proverbial podcast-barn and …well. We all know how that story ends.

I’ve decided that to both make way for the new episodes, as well as preserve the older ones should fans wish to listen to them, I’m going to offer them as a Patreon reward to folks who pledge $3 towards the podcast.

(You can find the Patreon page here, as well as a full listing of rewards.)

Anyway, for a $3 a month pledge you get access to 10+ hours of first-draft Witch-Doctor episodes (all the old episodes) and access to a patron-only RSS feed, which will have bonus content including but not limited to the original episodes.

Don’t worry, though, if you can’t afford the $3 dollar pledge, rest assured that all the new episodes will be free. 

In fact, they’ll be even more accessible than before.

The Witch-Doctor has it’s own YouTube channel, which you can find here.

Additionally, when the podcast episodes go up, text transcripts will be available on this site.

You know, this one.

That way if you’d rather read the text itself, or want to listen to an episode on your way to work, you have options.

I think that pretty much covers it. The full-length “Re-Introduction” episode is currently in the works, and I will keep you folks informed as to its progress.

Take care!

Equanimous Rex is a writer,  podcaster, and esotericist. He currently writes non-fiction articles for Disinformation and Modern Mythology. Additionally, he is the creator of The Witch-Doctor serial fiction podcast, which is a part of the Fallen Cycle mythos. Equanimous enjoys wandering verdant forests, playing with dogs, and cascading ontological shock.

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